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EOIR’s Goals, Objectives, and Strategies

Objective 4.2: Consistently Engage with External Stakeholders to Gain Insights into Areas of Improvement in the Operation of the OCIJ and BIA Systems

External Stakeholders include but are not limited to all noncitizen respondents, the private bar, non-profit organizations, DHS and other federal agencies, Congress, and the White House. Ongoing communications with all external stakeholders are vital to effectively manage the myriad immigration court processes. Research suggests that noncitizen respondents who must navigate the immigration process often find it confusing and overwhelming. It is, therefore, essential that EOIR leadership maintains open lines of communication with all their external stakeholders.

Table 17. Objective 4.2 Strategies and Lead Components

Supports DOJ Strategic Objective(s)

Objective 4.2 Strategies

Lead EOIR Component(s)

1.1, 1.2, 3.4, & 5.1

1. Continue and improve operations and policy-focused communication with other federal agencies and external stakeholders with which EOIR interacts.


2. Continue and improve routine operations meetings between individual courts and their corresponding local Office of Chief Counsel (OCC), private bar associations, and other interested parties.


3. Reduce public and inter/intra-agency burdens through increased transparency of data.