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EOIR’s Strategic Context

Enterprise Risk Management

The Department’s Justice Management Division (JMD) oversees Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) – a strategic discipline that promotes a risk aware culture throughout the Department to proactively identify and manage the full spectrum of risks, events, or circumstances that may significantly affect its ability to achieve its strategic goals and objectives. As part of risk management, identified risks are integrated into an enterprise-wide, strategically aligned portfolio focused on developing effective strategies for responding should the risk(s) occur.

EOIR’s approach focuses on integrating ERM with critical enterprise management decision processes, including strategic planning, performance management, and evidence/evaluation efforts, to provide a more comprehensive perspective on risks that could affect its ability to achieve its goals and objectives. Each year EOIR works on a risk profile process to identify and assess its enterprise risks and align them with the DOJ and EOIR Strategic Plans and how the risks impact EOIR’s APGs and KPIs. EOIR’s high-level risks represent the likelihood and impact of internal and external challenges occurring. EOIR’s risks and challenges cut across all EOIR goals and objectives. A listing of EOIR’s risks and challenges can be found in Appendix C: Enterprise Risk Management.