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EOIR’s Strategic Context

Learning Agenda

DOJ’s Learning Agenda identifies evidence gaps related to the Department’s strategic goals and objectives. The Learning Agenda is built around a set of priority questions that can be answered through rigorous evidence building, including research, evaluation, statistics, and analysis. The evidence built around each one of these priority questions will advance the Department’s ability to effectively achieve its strategic goals and objectives, both in the short term and in the long term. For the 2022-2026 DOJ Strategic Plan, DOJ developed twenty-eight priority questions. For more information on Learning Agendas, please reference the Evidence Act and OMB Circular A-11, Part 6, Section 290.

EOIR’s management of immigration courts is amongst the Department’s most critical responsibilities. EOIR strives to improve immigration court proceedings by identifying and adapting technical innovations from other courtroom contexts. As such, EOIR’s Priority Question for the Learning Agenda is: What technical innovations in courtroom proceedings in other systems can be adapted to the immigration context?  

Additional information regarding EOIR’s Learning Agenda Priority Question can be found in Appendix D: Evidence and Evaluation