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EOIR’s Strategy and Performance

Snapshot of EOIR Goals and Objectives

The DOJ Strategic Plan has goals and objectives as required by GPRAMA. EOIR goals and objectives were developed through several facilitated discussions with EOIR leadership and subject matter experts in each EOIR component, as well as by reviewing previous Strategic Plans. Numerous proposed goals and objectives were considered and critiqued by all stakeholders involved in building this Strategic Plan.

To ensure alignment with the DOJ Strategic Plan, EOIR has adopted four strategic goals and accompanying objectives for FY 2024 through FY 2028. These goals and objectives are based on DOJ’s 2022–2026 Strategic Plan. They are designed to help EOIR meet the challenges noted in sections above. Each strategic goal, lead components, and supporting performance goals and objectives are detailed in their respective sections in the contents below. EOIR Goals and alignment to the DOJ Strategic Plan are as follows:

Goal 1: Maximize Operational Efficiency while Ensuring Due Process

Aligned with: DOJ Strategic Objectives 1.2 and 5.1

Goal 2: Foster a Culture of Public Service with Highly Engaged and Goal-Driven Employees

Aligned with: DOJ Strategic Objectives 1.2, 3.4, and 5.1

Goal 3: Create an Adaptable Organization by Using the Right Technology

Aligned with: DOJ Strategic Objectives 1.2 and 5.1

Goal 4: Improve Communication to Ensure Proactive Management of the Immigration System

Aligned with: DOJ Strategic Frameworks 1.1, 1.2 and 5.1