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EOIR’s Strategy and Performance

Agency Priority Goals

Agency Priority Goals (APGs) are a performance accountability structure of the GPRAMA that provides agencies a mechanism to focus leadership priorities, set outcomes, and measure results, bringing focus to mission areas where agencies need to drive significant progress and change.

APG statements are outcome-oriented, ambitious, and measurable with specific targets which reflect a near-term achievement within approximately 24 months. DOJ utilizes the APG structure as part of the agency’s approach to ensure progress and monitor implementation of certain agency management reforms and priorities. 

For the FY 2022-2023 period, DOJ developed agency priority goals for each DOJ strategic goal (27 in total). EOIR’s agency priority goal falls under DOJ Goal 5. Per the DOJ Strategic Plan, EOIR’s APG is Improving Efficiency in Immigration Adjudication. DOJ and EOIR are committed to ensuring the fairness of, and improving the efficiency of, the immigration court system. By September 30, 2023, EOIR (1) increased the number of case resolutions (523,477) by 41.90% relative to the FY 2022 baseline number of case resolutions (368,897) and (2) reduced the vacancy gap for immigration judges to 5% from a FY 2021 baseline of 12%. Additionally, EOIR is continuing to ensure access to and understanding of EOIR proceedings by respondents through its “Access EOIR” initiative, Friend of the Court model, and legal orientation programs.

By implementing and achieving the strategies in this strategic plan, EOIR will strive to achieve the APG. Additional information about EOIR’s APG can be found in Appendix E: EOIR Agency Priority Goals. Additional information on the APGs established by major federal agencies can be found by navigating to each agency’s homepage and (