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EOIR’s Strategy and Performance

Quantifying the Purpose of this Strategic Plan

To evaluate success, EOIR has included measures tailored to and aligned with each applicable DOJ objective (1.1, 1.2, 3.4, and 5.1). In addition, DOJ’s objectives of fairness and public confidence are interwoven throughout EOIR’s specific goals and objectives presented below. A successful outcome for EOIR will require the full support of each EOIR component. Additionally, EOIR recognizes that while success inherently bespeaks quality, such a subjective concept proves difficult to accurately measure in a manner that would allow for meaningful conclusions. Therefore, EOIR has identified objective, quantitative, and holistic measures as a proxy for quality, which will provide insight into the organizational and operational health across EOIR.

A general overview of EOIR’s approach to implementation of this Plan can be found in Appendix G: Strategic Plan Implementation.