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Strategic Management of Human Capital Goals and Objectives

Human Capital Goal 4: Evaluate

EOIR’s fourth goal is to further develop a human capital management system that contributes to agency performance by monitoring and evaluating outcomes of its human capital management strategies, policies, programs, and activities. 

Key Accomplishments:

  • EOIR has recently enhanced several of its operational models that impact human capital.  Models such as the Court Location Model and Interpreter Allocation Model are regularly used to help inform the most efficient allocation of EOIR resources.


Business Analytics

  • Establish a Data-Driven Foundation for Workforce Planning.

    • Determine people analytics needs for workforce planning.

    • Educate employees on how they can use people analytics including the suite of tools currently provided to them.

    • Create the necessary infrastructure to enable workforce planning at all levels and across organizational units. This includes identifying which data needs to be captured to empower future insights and laying the foundation upon which future workforce planning applications can be scaled.

  • Expand People Analytics for Decision-Making

  • Apply technology such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) to empower smart and predictive decision making. AI uses information provided about staffing resources to help predict defects or redundancies early in projects and assist in overall risk analysis and mitigation. It also helps managers accurately compute the number of people and resources required to complete a project. This will allow managers to predict rates of attrition, employees at risk of burnout, candidate screening, and more.

    • Combine predictive analytics and visualization tools to improve workforce planning.

Data-driven decision making

  • Initiate conduct of on-site human capital audits/assessments.

  • Explore EOIR adoption of a system to support capture and analysis of audit activities (e.g., Virtual Accountability, Compliance and Evaluation (VACE)).

EOIR Accountability Measures and Milestones

Action Strategy Measure(s)/Milestone(s) Timeframe Owner
Ensure compliance with EOIR human capital policies and procedures Number of total audits/assessments conducted per FY TBD OA
External entity annual human capital review that includes an evaluation report   Annual OA
Review Potential AI and other technologies that may be of use/interest to EOIR   Ongoing OA, OOD
Further develop a workforce planning dashboard, separate from current personnel systems, incorporating predictive analytics for talent planning.   Ongoing OA, OCIJ, OOD