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Press Release

Bulgarian National Arrested Pursuant to a U.S.-Issued Red Notice

For Immediate Release
INTERPOL Washington

A Bulgarian national has been arrested pursuant to a U.S.-issued Red Notice processed by INTERPOL Washington—the U.S. National Central Bureau.  Zhelyaz Andreev, 29, was indicted and charged with conspiracy to defraud the U.S. Government and substantive violations of the Syria Trade Embargo. Read the full news release here.

One of the primary missions of INTERPOL and INTERPOL Washington is to seek the location, and ultimately the arrest, of fugitives wanted in the United States and in other countries. INTERPOL Washington assists federal, state, local, and tribal authorities in the United States seeking the location of fugitives who have fled the United States, and assists foreign police in locating their fugitives believed to be in the United States. INTERPOL Washington is also responsible for seeking the publication of all INTERPOL Notices, including Red or wanted fugitives Notices, on behalf of U.S. authorities, and alerting U.S. authorities to the existence of INTERPOL Notices published on behalf of other countries.

A component of the U.S. Department of Justice, INTERPOL Washington is co-managed by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. As the designated representative to INTERPOL on behalf of the Attorney General, INTERPOL Washington serves as the national point of contact for all INTERPOL matters, coordinating international investigative efforts among member countries and the more than 18,000 local, state, federal, and tribal law enforcement agencies in the United States.

Updated April 18, 2023