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119. Office Files -- Docket Records

  1. Case dockets -- Case management records maintained by LIONS, the automated case management system shall be maintained in the district on a current basis (see JM 3-16.130, Continuous Case Management Data Quality Improvement Plan).
  2. Grand jury dockets -- A formal grand jury docket is not required by the Department and docket sheets will not be provided for this purpose. However, an agenda or calendar of matters to be presented to the grand jury should be prepared prior to the meeting of each grand jury and the action taken should be recorded in the U.S. Attorney's files. Form USA-179 is available for use in maintaining these files.
  3. Witness docket -- No witness docket as such should be maintained by U.S. Attorneys.

[updated December 2009] [cited in JM 3-13.300]

Updated September 19, 2018