80. Retention of Personnel Records Relative to EEO Complaint Processing

To facilitate the processing of EEO complaints, all Official Personnel Folders (OPFs), any records (including Merit Promotion packages), and other documents pertaining to administrative procedures or issues relative to the complaint, complainant(s), and other individuals referred to in allegations made in active matters and/or complaints lodged with the EEO staff shall be retained by the employee's district (or former district where applicable), and the Personnel Management Staff, respectively, until such time as the matter is completely processed and closed, a resolution is obtained and the matter is closed, or until the district is notified the material is no longer required.

It will be the responsibility of the EEO staff to notify those offices involved of the time at which their files may be released for proper disposition.

[cited in USAM 3-5.211]

Updated September 19, 2018