1. INTERPOL-USNCB Functions Pursuant To 28 C.F.R. § 0.34

  1. To transmit information of a criminal justice, humanitarian, or other law enforcement related nature between National Central Bureaus of INTERPOL member countries, and law enforcement agencies within the United States and abroad, and respond to requests by law enforcement agencies and other legitimate requests by appropriate organizations, institutions and individuals, when in agreement with the INTERPOL Constitution;
  2. To coordinate and integrate information for investigations of an international nature and identify those involving patterns and trends of criminal activities;
  3. To conduct analyses of patterns of international criminal activities when specific patterns are observed;
  4. To establish an Executive Committee consisting of the designee of the Attorney General, the designee of the Secretary of the Treasury and the Chief, INTERPOL-USNCB, which will review and develop INTERPOL programs and policies. At its discretion, the Executive Committee may also convene a management policy group comprised of the heads of the participating law enforcement agencies or their representatives, to assist in the review and development of INTERPOL programs and policies;
  5. To represent the INTERPOL-USNCB at other criminal law enforcement and international law enforcement activities, conferences and symposia.

[cited in USAM 1-2.121]

Updated September 19, 2018