Bureau Procurement Chiefs


Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives
Kenneth Houser
(Acting) Bureau Chief Procurement Officer
Chief, Logistics and Acquisitions Division
99 New York Avenue, NE, Rm 3.E-143
Mail Stop: 3.E-405 
Washington, DC 20226
Email: Kenneth.M.Houser@usdoj.gov
Phone: 202-648-7693
FAX: 202-648-9661

Bureau of Prisons
Loneryl Burns
(Acting) Procurement Executive
320 First Street, NW, 500 Bldg, RM 920
Washington, DC 20534
E-mail: loneryl.burns2@usdoj.gov
Office: (202)-307-3829
FAX: (202) 514-4418

Drug Enforcement Administration
Christina K. Sisk
Deputy Assistant Administrator for Acquisition Management
600 Army Navy Drive, Rm E-8379
Arlington, VA 22202
E-mail: christinia.sisk@usdoj.gov
Phone: (202) 307-7777
FAX: (202) 307-7818

Federal Bureau of Investigation
Paul Courtney
Chief Acquisition Officer
Federal Bureau of Investigation
935 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washington, DC
E-mail: Paul.Courtney@ic.fbi.gov
Phone: 703-985-6105
Fax: 703-985-6103

Federal Prison Industries/UNICOR
Lisabeth Day
Procurement Chief 400 First Street, NW, 7th Floor
Washington, DC 20534
E-mail: lday@central.unicor.gov
Phone: (202) 305-7304
FAX: (202) 305-7365


Justice Management Division
Mark Selweski
Director, Procurement Services Staff
Two Constitution Square (2CON) 
145 N Street, N.E., Suite 8E.300 
Washington, DC 20530 
E-mail: mselweski@usdoj.gov
Phone: (202) 307-2000
FAX: (202) 307-1933

Office of The Inspector General
Sharon B. Oby
1425 New York Avenue, NW, Rm 13000
Washington, DC 20005
E-mail: Sharon.B.Oby@usdoj.gov
Phone: (202) 616-2173
FAX: (202) 616-2051

Office of Justice Programs
Christopher V. Henshaw
Deputy Director, Office of Administration
Acquisition Management Division
810 Seventh Street, NW, Rm 3605
Washington, DC 20531
E-mail: christopher.henshaw@usdoj.gov
Phone: (202) 616-3613
FAX: (202) 514-9065

United States Marshals Service
Carole O'Brien
Procurement Executive
Financial Services Division - Office of Procurement
U.S. Marshals Service Headquarters, CS-3, Rm 924
Washington, DC 20530-1000
E-mail: carole.o'brien@usdoj.gov 
Phone: (703)-740-1542
FAX: (202) 307-9695


Updated November 6, 2017

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