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Will it really be confidential?
Confidentiality is the backbone of the EAP and is mandated by both Federal and State laws and regulations. All contact with an EAP counselor is considered privileged and confidential. No information can be released without an employees written permission unless there is a real threat of harm to self or others.

Will using EAP services hurt my security clearance?
No. Utilizing EAP services does NOT impact security clearances unless an employee poses a threat to national security. No information may be released for a background check without the employee's written permission.

What will it cost?
Nothing! EAP services are free of charge to employees and immediate family members, whether you work in the immediate D.C. area or anywhere else in the country.

What kind of training do EAP counselors have?
The DOJ EAP is staffed by licensed mental health counselors. Our contract counselors must be licensed in the State they practice in and have experience in dealing with substance abuse. Contract counselors usually are Ph.D. Psychologists or Masters level clinical Social Workers or Professional Counselors.

Isn't the EAP just for alcohol and drug problems?
NO!! EAP helps people with any life or work related problem that is causing difficulty. See Services  for a full range of topics covered by EAP counselors.

Is my problem big enough to bring to EAP?
No problem is too small, or too big. The earlier you seek assistance, the more likely you will keep your concerns from snow-balling into a bigger life issue. When you are not quite sure, pick up the phone and let us help.

How do I contact EAP?
Find out which EAP you should contact and call for an appointment.

When can I call for assistance?
The JMD EAP is normally staffed on weekdays from 8:00 AM – 4:30 PM Eastern time. Other component EAP's service hours may vary. The JMD EAP services the litigating divisions and OBDs. Please call 800-222-0364 to access services. Questions about the program may be directed to EAP program administrator Karen Ramey, LCSW-C, 202-514-1846.

What are the benefits of calling?
You will be given quick, free, reliable and confidential services to aid you in dealing with what ever concerns you, by caring staff that are professionally trained.



Updated October 11, 2016