Learning Management System Service Notice

Learning Management System Service Notice

DOJ’s Learning Management System is offline while it is being moved to the cloud!

The system will be available for use Friday September 1st. When the system is operational, this page will be replaced with a page containing the links you can use to access the system.

The cloud system will make new talent management applications available to DOJ components. In addition, the cloud system will be on a regular update schedule with an updated version of the software being released each spring.

The cloud system runs the same familiar software and the look and feel have not changed dramatically but a few things have changed.

What are the changes you may notice?

First, when you log in, the system will now require you to insert your PIV card (don’t worry if you don’t have one or if you forgot it, there are other options). With the card inserted, you will be prompted to select one of the digital certificates from the card – you will need to select your Authentication Certificate.

Follow this link for more information

Also, if you don’t have a PIV card or if the machine you are using doesn’t have a PIV card reader, you will be able to request a one-time-PIN. This PIN, as the name suggests, is only used once and it can be delivered to your e-mail address or to your telephone number as listed in your e-mail directory.

Follow this link to learn more

Another change is that there is now a new page that you see when you first log in to the system. We call it the Home or Platform Landing Page. Since the system will have the capability to deliver talent management applications in addition to the learning application, this Platform Landing Page will be the jumping off point to those other applications.

If you are only using learning, at least right now, you can easily configure your profile so that when you log in you will be taken directly to the learning home page (select Options and then Start Page – you can change this at any time). This page will look very familiar to you as it has not changed dramatically from the current system.

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