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Recent Accomplishments

The Justice Department has taken several important actions that advance DEIA within the workplace.  For example, the Justice Department:

  • Hired its first Chief Diversity Officer, who leads the Department’s work to advance DEIA.
  • Founded the Attorney General’s DEIA Advisory Council, which is composed of employees who provide the Attorney General and Departmental leadership with advice on how to advance DEIA priorities across the Department.
  • Published a DEIA Policy Statement.
  • Formed DEIA Committees in each Component, designed to address Component-specific DEIA needs.
  • Hosted a webinar series, “Getting to Know Employee Affinity Groups at DOJ,” to raise awareness of DOJ-wide employee affinity groups and their activities. 
  • Incorporated a DEIA statement within employment vacancy announcements to ensure that prospective employees understood the priority of DEIA principles as a DOJ employee.
  • Launched a DEIA intranet page to share DEIA messaging, events, trainings, resources, and information with all DOJ employees.
  • Implemented a weekly DEIA email with information on DEIA-related events, professional development opportunities, and other DEIA-related information.  This weekly DEIA email improved communications across Components and DEIA practitioners and shares useful and relevant best practices, updates, and information.
  • Published a new, multi-year DEIA Strategic Plan for Fiscal Years 2024-2026 DOJ will implement actions at both the Department-level and Component-level that advance the strategies in this new plan.
Updated February 27, 2024