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Federal Employees Returning from Active Military Duty

U.S. Department of Justice
Justice Management Division
 Personnel Staff                       


Washington, D.C. 20530

November 24, 2003


FROM:            Debra M. Tomchek
                         Director, Human Resources

SUBJECT:      Federal Employees Returning from Active Military Duty

In the attached memorandum of November 14, 2003, the President recognizes the contributions of Federal civil servants who were called to serve on active duty. He directs heads of departments and agencies to grant those employees returning from active duty 5 days of uncharged leave from their civilian duties. The Office of Personnel Management (OPM) provides specific guidance for implementing the President's memorandum in its memorandum dated November 14, 2003, which is also attached.

In particular, OPM identifies the uncharged leave authorized by the President as excused absence. Upon notifying their agencies of their intent to return to Federal civilian employment from active military duty, Federal employees should be granted 5 work days of excused absence, without charge to leave. This covers all employees who were activated for military service in connection with Operation Noble Eagle, Operation Enduring Freedom, Operation Iraqi Freedom, or any other military operations subsequently established under Executive Order 13223. Components are to grant an eligible returning employee the excused absence prior to the employee's resumption of his or her civilian duties. If an employee has already returned to duty in the civil service, the component and the employee should agree on a time for the employee to use his or her excused absence. In general, Department employees who have already returned from active duty must use their 5 days of excused absence within 3 months of the date of this memorandum.

OPM also urges heads of departments and agencies to make use of the range of available options to recognize the accomplishments of civilian employees throughout the Government who were not activated and who made valuable contributions to the successful military effort.

Questions from your staff concerning this matter may be directed to Margaret Foskey, of the Personnel Staff's Workforce Effectiveness Group, on (202) 514-6778 or via e-mail at Margaret.Foskey2@usdoj.gov. Questions from employees should be directed to appropriate staff in their servicing human resources office.


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