Grade and Pay Retention

U.S. Department of Justice


Washington, D.C. 20530

September 7, 1995


FROM:            Stephen R. Colgate
                         Assistant Attorney General for Administration

SUBJECT:      Grade and Pay Retention

In November 1994, I delegated to you the authority to approve grade retention under the agency option provision of paragraph 536.103(b), Title 5, Code of Federal Regulations and pay retention under the agency option provision of paragraph 536.104(b). Redelegation was not authorized at that time. For your convenience, a copy of that delegation is attached.

The delegation appears to be working well. However in the interest of streamlining the process and delegating authority to the lowest practicable organizational level, I have amended it to provide greater flexibility. Effective immediately, the first condition of the November 1994 delegation is revised to read as follows:

1.   These authorities may be redelegated. However, the approving official may not be at a level below the Bureau Personnel Officer.

All other conditions of the November 1994 delegation remain in effect. If members of your staff have questions concerning this matter, they may be referred to John Cahill, of the Personnel Staff's policy Group, on 514-6778.


cc: Bureau Personnel Officers

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