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John Raffle, David Applegate, ArthroCare Corp. Criminal Division Raffle and Applegate, two former senior executives of ArthroCare Corp, allegedly engaged in a scheme to defraud the company’s shareholders and members of the investing public by falsely inflating ArthroCare’s earnings by tens of millions of dollars.
Mail Theft, Postal Service, Mail delay, Postman USAO - Maryland

From August 1993 through March 2014, defendant Jeffrey L. Shipley was a postman with the United States Postal Service. On May 29, 2014, Shipley was charged by Information with theft of mail by a Postal Service employee, and with delay and destruction of mail by a Postal Service employee. The Information alleges that Shipley failed to deliver over 20,000 pieces of mail, including mail from the Parkville Branch and Catonsville Carrier Annex. Examples of items alleged to be in his possession include money orders, prescription medications, passports and greetings cards containing checks.

Platinum Trust Card USAO - Pennsylvania, Eastern

Blake Rubin, 30, of Huntington Valley, PA, Chase Rubin 28, of Rydal, PA, and Justin Diaczuk, 31, of Philadelphia, PA, were recently charged with running a multi-million dollar telemarketing scam. According to the information, the defendants duped more than 70,000 people into buying what they falsely marketed as a general-purpose credit card that customers could use to buy merchandise over the internet and improve their credit.

ZeusVyacheslav Igorevich Penchukov (aka tank)Ivan Viktorvich Klepikov (aka petrovich, aka nowhere)Alexey Dmitrievich Bron (aka thehead)Alexey Tikonov (aka kusanagi)Yevhen Kulibaba (aka jonni)Yuriy Konovalenko (aka jtkO) USAO - Nebraska

Nine alleged members of a wide-ranging racketeering enterprise and conspiracy who infected thousands of business computers with malicious software known as "Zeus" have been charged in an indictment. The indictment alleges that the "Zeus" malware captured passwords, account numbers, and other information necessary to log into online banking accounts. The conspirators allegedly used the information captured by "Zeus" to steal millions of dollars from victims' bank accounts. All of the defendants are charged with conspiracy to participate in racketeering activity, conspiracy to commit computer fraud and identity theft, aggravated identity theft, and multiple counts of bank fraud.