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USAO - Pennsylvania, Eastern

The defendant, Dino Paolucci, was charged with wire fraud and securities fraud in connection with his involvement in promoting a stock manipulation scheme, commonly referred to as a “pump and dump.”,,, Edge Video (in Maine), Everex (in Maine), Douglas Gordon, also known as “Doug” USAO - Maine

The first two counts of a three-count superseding indictment charge Douglas Gordon, a former co-owner of a chain of Edge Video movie rental stores in Maine, with willfully infringing copyrights of motion pictures by reproducing and distributing counterfeit DVD copies of movies in 2014 and 2016.  The third count of the indictment charges the defendant with engaging in a mail fraud scheme from about April, 2014 to about January, 2019.  He is further charged in the third count with having established FindrareDVDs (FRD), Lostmoviesfound (LMF) and Lostmoviefinder (LMFinder) websites to advertise the sale of more than 100 motion pictures in DVD format.  The FRD, LMF and LMFinder websites allegedly misled customers about the quality of DVD versions of motion pictures and accepted “Mail in” orders as well as “On-line” orders.  The indictment alleges customers had expectations based on false representations and material omissions on the websites of receiving an authentic motion picture in a DVD format of good quality.  For the purpose of executing or attempting to execute the scheme to defraud, the Defendant is alleged to have received very large numbers of customer orders for DVDs of motion pictures and to have knowingly caused to be delivered by mail, burned DVD copies of movies of inferior quality, or did aid and abet the same.

Vladimir Pigida, Marina Ixora USAO - Washington, Western

Volodimyr Pigida and Marina Bondartenko are charged with operating a Ponzi scheme through their business Trend Sound Promoter.  Through the scheme, defendants are alleged to have caused more than $11 million is losses.   They are further alleged to have fraudulently used proceeds from their scheme for their own benefit, to include the purchase of houses and vehicles.  Finally, the charges allege that the defendants committed fraud by hiding assets and transactions in connection with Trend Sound Promoter’s bankruptcy proceeding.

Gaylen Dean Rust, Denise Gunderson Rust, Joshua Daniel Rust USAO - Utah

Alleged scheme to defraud investors by inducing them to purchase investments in a fraudulent silver trading program.  All three defendants are charged with wire fraud conspiracy in the first count of the indictment and money laundering conspiracy in the second count.  Gaylen Rust is also charged with two counts of securities fraud.  Denise Rust and Joshua Rust are each charged with one count of money laundering.


USAO - North Dakota

According to the indictment, Nicole Rogers obtained stolen mail containing credit cards, checks, and personal identifying information belonging to others.  Nicole Rogers deposited or attempted to deposit the stolen checks into her account.

USAO - Nevada

The information allege that Patti Kern and Edgar Del Rio conspired to defraud more than $1.5 million from senior citizens using a prize promotion scam. Between May 2011 and February 2018, Kern and others carried-out a direct-mail prize scam targeting seniors. The mailings were made to appear as if they came from sophisticated companies and misled victims to believe they would receive large sums of money, if they paid a relatively small fee, typically $20.00. None of the victims who sent a fee in response to the mailing ever received a large cash prize.

Randy Constant, Tom Brennan, James Brennan, and Mike Potter, John Burton, Jericho Solutions, Organic Land Management (“OLM”) USAO - Iowa, Northern

Randy Constant, Tom Brennan, James Brennan, and Mike Potter each pled guilty to one count of wire fraud.  John Burton has been charged with conspiracy to commit wire fraud. The charges resulted from the sale of grain fraudulently marketed as organic.  The sales were primarily done through a business co-owned by Randy Constant named Jericho Solutions, which was located in Ossian, Iowa.  The sales at issue occurred between 2010 and 2017.

USAO - Minnesota

According to the indictment, DAHL owned “Your Magazine Service, Inc.” a fraudulent telemarketing company that operated a call center in Chaska, Minnesota. DAHL devised a scheme to trick mostly elderly customers into signing up for costly magazine subscriptions using false representations and fraudulent sales tactics. From 2009 through 2016, DAHL fraudulently obtained more than $10 million from 13,000 victims across the United States.

Netbrands Media Corp.;; Wristbands; Lanyards; Buttons; Temporary Tattoos; Promotional Products Antitrust Division

Netbrands was charged with engaging in a conspiracy to suppress and eliminate competition by fixing and maintaining prices of customized promotional products, including wristbands, lanyards, buttons and temporary tattoos, sold in the United States and elsewhere, from at least as early as May 2014 and continuing until at least June 2016.

USAO - Kentucky, Eastern

On July 5, 2018, a federal grand jury charged one individual in United States v. Adrian Mitan, with money laundering offenses arising from a credit card phishing and brute-force attack scheme, likewise designed to steal money from Americans.  The indictment explains that phishing is an attempt to acquire personal information by masquerading as a trustworthy entity through electronic communications, and brute force is a cryptological trial-and-error methodology used to obtain information such as personal identification numbers for credit cards. Mitan allegedly phished for credit/debit card information of U.S. customers, hacked into the electronic systems of American businesses, and then conducted a brute force attack on their point-of-sale systems for the purpose of stealing the remaining credit/debit card information.  According to the indictment, Mitan then directed American money launderers to create “dummy” credit/debit cards with the stolen information, which were used to extract money from the customers’ accounts.  These fraudulent proceeds were then returned to Mitan in the form of bitcoin.