Benefits of Joining Our Team

The Department offers a wide array of benefits designed to enhance both your working environment and quality of life as you pursue a new career. Depending upon your employment location, you may be eligible for such programs as the Federal transit subsidy program, a program which supplements specified transportation costs to and from work. Some of our offices offer fitness centers, health care facilities and child care centers collocated or in close proximity to our office buildings. Opportunities are limitless for career progression, availability of computer based learning systems that offer extensive educational/training opportunities at no cost to you. During employee orientation, comprehensive information is provided and opportunities made available to answer your individual questions. The Department recognizes the need to make your transition as smooth and seamless as possible. We appreciate your interest in considering us for employment and look forward to welcoming you as a valuable member of our team if you are selected for one of our many positions.

Work-Life Balance | Retirement & Health

Component Strategic Plans

Competitive Salaries

Justice Credit Union

Family-Friendly Leave Policies


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Component Strategic Plans

Thrift Savings Plan

Life insurance

Dental/Vision Insurance Program

Employee Assistance Program

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Updated May 12, 2014

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