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Office of Information Policy Contacts, Pre-Interview Submissions and Honors Program Interview Locations


Primary:  Laurie Day at or 202-514-4386.  Alternate:  Adrianne Blake at, (202) 616-3230.

Interview Information

The Office of Information Policy requests a writing sample and a current resume.

Pre-Interview Submissions (SLIP only)

The Office of Information Policy requests a writing sample and an updated resume.

  • Submission Deadline: No later than 5 days after notification of selection.
  • Format: Microsoft Word, Word Perfect or Adobe Acrobat (PDF)
  • Type of Writing Sample:
    • Legal analysis writing sample not to exceed 10 pages in length. Please do not submit work that has been heavily edited by others. Extracts from an article, brief, or memorandum are acceptable. If the work was authored by more than one person, the candidate should highlight the portions that he or she authored.  A brief explanation to orient the reader is permissible.

Submission Method:

Submit Resume (PDF is OK) and writing sample as attachments by e-mail to:
All submissions should include a standard subject line formatted as: Program Name Pre-Interview Submissions – Name of Submitter

Please ensure your attachments include your name.  For example:  Resume - Jane Doe.  Writing Sample - Fred Roe.  

Special Instructions

Candidates should place their name on the upper right-hand corner of the sample.

Updated August 24, 2023