Additional Resources and Policies

In addition to the pay and benefits packages outlined earlier, the National Security Division (NSD) offers many important resources and programs to help and support our employees. This page provides information on these programs and resources. And remember, if you ever need help or have a question, don’t hesitate to contact your HR Specialist and/or Supervisor.


Lifecare Personal Asssitant Provides access to the best life resources in the following service offerings:

  • Childcare: Have kids? LifeCare matches members with child care services and parenting resources that meet the member's specific needs.
  • Senior Care: Caring for an aging parent? LifeCare matches members with senior care providers and resources that meet their specific needs.
  • Wellness Services: Make health a priority. LifeCare matches members to the wellness services, tools and information that meet their unique needs.
  • Financial Services: Need financial guidance? LifeCare matches members with financial service providers and resources that meet their specific needs.
  • Legal Services: Need legal advice? LifeCare matches members with the legal service providers and resources to manage and resolve legal issues.
  • Deals and Discovery: Make saving simple. LifeCare offers LifeMart, a customizable members-only discount shopping website for your employees.
  • Home Services: Need help at home? LifeCare matches members with the home service providers and resources that meet their specific needs.
  • Travel Services: Planning a vacation? LifeCare matches members to travel services, deals & info so members stay productive on-the-job.
  • Pet Care: Have a pet? LifeCare matches members with pet care services, resources & information that meet the member's unique needs.

Reasonable Accommodation Process

NSD provides reasonable accommodation for qualified employees and applicants with disabilities adhering to applicable Federal regulations and guidelines. We provide reasonable accommodation for the known physical or mental limitations of qualified employees and applicants with disabilities when those disabilities or limitations are properly documented and when they meet Federal regulatory requirements. If you believe you have a qualifying disability or limitation, you should first notify your supervisor. When referred to your Reasonable Accommodation Coordinator you may be asked to complete the Confirmation of Request for Reasonable Accommodation form. As soon as you have completed the form and the required documents (such as a letter from your health care provider), you should give the form and documents to your Reasonable Accommodation Coordinator.

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

The Employee Assistance Program provides free, confidential services for employees and family members who are living in their home or who are covered by the employee’s health insurance plan. The EAP offers services in the following areas:

  • Counseling Services: short-term assessment and referral to community resources based on client needs (emotional, alcohol, drugs, etc.).
  • Financial and Legal Services: free consultation with financial experts and licensed attorneys to provide assistance with legal and financial questions.
  • Management Consultation: assistance for managers and supervisors when responding to a troubled employee.
  • Critical Incident Response: counselors to assist in managing traumatic situations such as threats, acts of violence, natural disasters, injury or death.
  • Education and Training: training programs to support both supervisors and employees on the benefits and functions of the EAP. Records and conversations between counselors and employees are private in accordance with both state and Federal laws.


Links to these mapping sites may be helpful for you to find your way to work or in getting to know the DC metro area.

Updated July 24, 2014

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