What remedy or relief am I entitled to if the Director of OARM determines that corrective relief is warranted?

Corrective action may include:

Placing you, as nearly as possible, in the position you would have been in had the reprisal not taken place;
Reimbursement for attorney’s fees;
Reasonable costs, medical costs incurred, and travel expenses;
Back pay and related benefits; and
Any other reasonable and foreseeable consequential damages.

If the Director of OARM finds that the FBI retaliated against me for my protected whistleblowing activities, can OARM order or recommend to the FBI that the individuals responsible for the retaliation be disciplined?

No. OARM lacks the authority to discipline, or recommend to the FBI that it discipline, individuals responsible for engaging in unlawful reprisal against a complainant. However, the Department of Justice and the FBI retain the authority to take appropriate disciplinary action if it is determined that such action is necessary.

Updated June 4, 2014

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