Amsinger v. IRS, No. 4:13CV00281, 2013 WL 6008208 (E.D. Mo. November 13, 2013) (Webber, J.)

Wednesday, November 13, 2013
Re: Complaint requesting that court order defendant to release income tax returns of third parties, release certain checks, and create and release certain affidavits Disposition: Granting defendant's motion to dismiss
  • Litigation Considerations, Exhaustion of Administrative Remedies:  The court finds that "[a]lthough the FOIA is the only statute that could waive sovereign immunity for claims seeking to compel a federal agency to release documents, Plaintiff has expressly stated that he 'has no remedy under FOIA'" and "[n]or does Plaintiff allege that he has exhausted his administrative remedies under the FOIA prior to seeking judicial review."
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Litigation Considerations
Updated August 6, 2014