Chart of Exemption 3 Statutes Used in Fiscal Year 2010 Now Available

June 6, 2011
In connection with our recently posted summary of the Fiscal Year 2010 Annual FOIA Reports, we have compiled a chart of statutes used by federal departments and agencies in conjunction with Exemption 3 of the FOIA.  Exemption 3 incorporates into the FOIA other statutes that provide protection for various kinds of information.  The information in this chart was compiled by OIP using the information that departments and agencies reported in their Fiscal Year 2010 Annual FOIA Reports.   OIP consolidated that information in order to provide an overall summary of the statutes used across the entire government.  The chart lists the statutes that were cited by departments and agencies, the type of information protected by that statute, and the number of times a department or agency cited that particular statute.  Not all departments and agencies used Exemption 3 in Fiscal Year 2010, and as such, not all agencies will be listed in this chart.

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Updated August 6, 2014