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FOIA Update: ASAP Elects New Officers

FOIA Update
Vol. III, No. 2

ASAP Elects New Officers

Catherine C. McMillan, director of public disclosure for the U.S. Synthetic Fuels Corp., is the new president of the American Society of Access Professionals (ASAP). Ms. McMillan is a former employee of the Department of Justice.

Other officers elected for 1982 are Col. William C. Goforth, Defense Privacy Board, vice president; Beth M. Winston, Health and Human Services, secretary; and Edward C. Shomaker, Nuclear Regulatory Commission, treasurer.

Newly-elected members of ASAP's board of directors are Marilyn S. McLennon, Commerce (two-year term); Kathy W. Semone, Merit Systems Protection Board (one-year term); Robert L. Saloschin, retired director of the Office of Information Law and Policy (two-year term); and Deborah Drosnin, editor of Access Reports (one-year term). Russell M. Roberts, FOIA officer at Health and Human Services and first president of ASAP, also will serve for one year on the board.

Committee chairpersons for 1982 are Ms. Semone (Membership); Nancy T. Cherry, National Institutes of Health, and Betsy Knauff, Department of Treasury (Professional Standards); Bruce L. Moyer, Merit Systems Protection Board, and Gerald D. Sturges, Office of Congressman Obey (Legislative); Hugh V. O'Neill, HHS, and Col. Goforth (Training); Mr. Roberts and Michael P. Persico, Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (Program); and Carl C. Coleman, HHS (Publicity).

ASAP was formally organized in October of 1980 and its membership grew to 300 by the end of 1981. Members include attorneys, paralegals, public affairs specialists, management analysts, and others interested in federal access laws. Additional information may be obtained from Ms. Semone at (202) 653-7200.

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Updated August 13, 2014