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FOIA Update: ASAP Group Studies Federal Access Series

FOIA Update
Vol. II, No. 3

ASAP Group Studies Federal Access Series

The American Society of Access Professionals' (ASAP) Professional Standards Committee is presently conducting a government-wide survey of all job series to which access professionals are assigned in an attempt to determine the need to establish a new job series for federal professionals in the field. Persons interested in participating in this survey are encouraged to contact Cathy McMillan, head of the committee's Legal Subgroup, at FTS 633-2692.

According to Paul Katz, director of the Office of Personnel Management's Standards Development Center, OPM is always willing to consider the establishment of a new occupation if a series is justified. "We will undertake a study of a new occupation given our limited resources if agencies indicate to us a priority need in this area. Since the paralegal series is currently under review, the Standards Development Center would be pleased to get information from agencies who have paralegals doing FOIA work," Katz said.

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Updated August 13, 2014