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FOIA Update: FOIA Update to be Available on JURIS

FOIA Update
Vol. V, No. 2

FOIA Update to be Available on JURIS

The Office of Information and Privacy is pleased to announce that FOIA Update will soon be available on the Department of Justice's JURIS system. JURIS ("Justice Retrieval and Inquiry System") is the automated legal research system established and maintained by the Justice Department for use in its litigation activities. It is available nationwide in all U.S. Attorney's Offices and at many agencies within the federal legal community.

Also to be placed into JURIS will be the "Short Guide to the Freedom of Information Act," which is revised and updated each year as part of OIP's annual Freedom of Information Case List publication. Both the "Short Guide" and FOIA Update are expected to be available for JURIS reference and retrieval by August of this year.

In a related development, references to FOIA Update articles and policy guidance items will soon be listed in the Index to U.S. Government Periodicals. According to the publisher of the Index, the first references to FOIA Update will appear in its upcoming listing of periodicals published during April through June 1983.

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Updated August 13, 2014