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FOIA Update: FOIA Update Readership Survey

FOIA Update
Vol. II, No. 2

FOIA Update Readership Survey

As FOIA Update enters its second year, we wish to determine how well the publication is meeting the needs of FOIA professionals.

Please respond to the following questions and return to OILP, Room 3127 MAIN, U.S. Department of Justice, Washington, D.C. 20530.

Your views on regular features, please check agency feature:

Policy/Legal Guidance: &nbsp___Never Read &nbsp___ Rarely Read &nbsp___Often Read

FOIA Counselor: &nbsp___Never Read &nbsp___ Rarely Read &nbsp___Often Read

Approaching the Bench: &nbsp___Never Read &nbsp___ Rarely Read &nbsp___Often Read

Significant New Decisions: &nbsp___Never Read &nbsp___ Rarely Read &nbsp___Often Read

FOIA Training Opportunities: &nbsp___Never Read &nbsp___ Rarely Read &nbsp___Often

Cartoon Foibles: &nbsp___Never Read &nbsp___ Rarely Read &nbsp___Often Read

Your suggestions:

Add the following: _______________________________________________

Drop the following: _______________________________________________

Change the following: ______________________________________________

Your background for FOIA work:


Check position description:

____Records Manager &nbsp ____ Public Affairs Staff

____Attorney &nbsp ____Paralegal


Name (optional)_________________________________________

Phone (optional) _________________________________________

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Updated August 13, 2014