Matthews v. United States, No. 10-648C, 2013 WL 1909989 (Fed. Cl. May 7, 2013) (Wolski, J.)

Tuesday, May 7, 2013
Re: Claim seeking back pay and retirement pay based on documents plaintiff claims are fraudulent Disposition: Dismissing plaintiff's FOIA claim for lack of subject-matter jurisdiction.
  • Litigation Considerations, Jurisdiction:  The court finds that "[p]laintiff's allegation[] based on the . . . FOIA . . . do[es] not fall within the Court's jurisdiction because [it is] not based on money-mandating statutes, regulations, or constitutional provisions that would support [the court's] jurisdiction under the Tucker Act."  Therefore, the court dismisses plaintiff's claim for lack of subject-matter jurisdiction.
District Court
Litigation Considerations
Updated August 6, 2014