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Providing Government Films to the Democratic National Committee or Congressmen

Government motion picture films may be made available to the Democratic National Committee or congressmen when public release is authorized by statute.

In the absence of statutory authority, government films may be made available to the Committee or congressmen on a revocable loan basis if a public interest can be shown to justify such loan and if the films are available equally to other private organizations.

It would be improper for any government agency to produce a film for the specific purpose of making it available to the Democratic National Committee or to congressmen.

Proposal That the President Accept Honorary Irish Citizenship

Acceptance by the President of honorary Irish citizenship would fall within the spirit, if not the letter, of the Emoluments Clause of the Constitution.

The procedure which has developed under the constitutional provision and its implementing statute would permit the President to participate in the formal ceremonies, accept the written evidence of the award and have it deposited with the Department of State, subject to the subsequent consent of Congress.

Even if Congress does not enact consenting legislation, the President could probably have the document conferring honorary Irish citizenship delivered to him by the Department of State after he leaves the White House.

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