Access to Justice

As approved by the Attorney General and with notice to Congress, the Office of Legal Policy (OLP) has assumed the principal policy and legislative responsibilities of the Office for Access to Justice. OLP remains committed to helping the justice system efficiently deliver outcomes that are fair and accessible to all, irrespective of wealth and status.   

OLP works within the Department of Justice, across federal agencies, and with state, local, and tribal justice system stakeholders, to increase access to counsel and legal assistance and to improve the justice delivery systems that serve people who are unable to afford lawyers.

The Department’s work to ensure justice for all is guided by three principles:

  • Promoting Accessibility — eliminating barriers that prevent people from understanding and exercising their rights.
  • Ensuring Fairness — delivering fair and just outcomes for all parties, including those facing financial and other disadvantages.
  • Increasing Efficiency — delivering fair and just outcomes effectively, without waste or duplication.

To translate these principles into action, OLP develops strategies and programs to implement legislative, programmatic and policy initiatives directly impacting criminal and civil access to justice. 

Updated October 24, 2018

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