Civil Rights Division and Navajo Nation Sign Memorandum of Understanding

July 16, 2013
This week, the Civil Rights Division’s Indian Working Group (IWG) and the Navajo Nation Human Rights Commission agreed to a memorandum of understanding establishing a communication process by which civil rights complaints by members of the Navajo Nation can be brought to the IWG. The commission operates as a clearinghouse  to address discrimination against citizens of the Navajo Nation. The IWG works to identify civil rights issues that affect Native Americans and to refer, coordinate, support and monitor the division’s enforcement and outreach activities involving Native Americans. The MOU promotes and encourages enforcement of federal civil rights laws by increasing communication between the commission and the IWG . The MOU outlines procedures and provides guidance to the commission and IWG in sharing information about civil rights issues. For more information read the  July 15, 2013 press release.

From left to right: IWG Co-Chair Susana Lorenzo-Giguere, IWG Co-Chair Verlin Deerinwater, CRT Deputy Assistant Attorney General Eve Hill, IWG Point of Contact in Employment Jeffrey Morrison

NNHRC Chairperson Steven A. Darden


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Updated September 15, 2014