Justice Department Seeks Input for Third Open Government Plan

January 27, 2014

The Department of Justice is currently in the process of developing its third open government plan, which will outline additional “actions to implement the principles of transparency, participation, and collaboration” as set out in President Obama’s Memorandum on Transparency and Open Government and the Open Government Directive.  As a part of this ongoing process, the department is seeking input from the public for ideas and opportunities to be more transparent, collaborative and participatory in how we carry out our various missions.

If you have any suggestions or ideas that you would like to share with the department as we continue  working on our new plan, please send an email to OpenGov@usdoj.gov with the subject line “3rd Open Government Plan Suggestion” by February 28, 2014.    The department’s previous open government plans included a variety of new initiatives such as the launchings of FOIA.gov and FARA.gov, the establishment of a quarterly Freedom Of Information Act reporting requirement, and the expanded use of social media by various department components.  Additionally, these plans demonstrated a number of ways in which we collaborate with outside partners and engage the public on the ongoing work of the department.  We welcome your ideas for further ways in which we can serve the public though our newest open government plan and we look forward to completing this process with you.  For more information on the department’s open government plans and initiatives, please visit our open government homepage.  
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Updated September 15, 2014