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Attorney General Eric Holder on Senator Edward M. Kennedy


United States

"Senator Edward Kennedy was one of the most extraordinary, influential and kind people who ever served our country. His steadfast advocacy for civil rights, rule of law and fairness in the criminal justice system has always been an inspiration to me, as I know it remains today for countless employees of the Department of Justice. His loss is an immeasurable one and on this sad day my thoughts and prayers are with his family.

Every day I look at the portrait of his brother Robert that hangs in my office and I am reminded that the Kennedy family has shown to America, through its actions, the importance of fighting for what is right even in the face of difficult odds. I would not be in the office I now hold were it not for their contributions and commitment to our nation. Senator Kennedy’s accomplished life came to a close last night but in the struggle to provide justice and equality for all Americans we will work every day to ensure that his cause endures and that his dreams for a better America never die "

Updated August 20, 2015