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Attorney General Loretta E. Lynch Delivers Remarks on the San Bernardino Shootings at the FBI Briefing
Washington, DC
United States
Friday, December 4, 2015

Well, good afternoon, everyone, and thank you for coming over to join the Director’s Briefing today. All of this will be his briefing.

As many of you know, the news from San Bernardino continues to evolve and obviously we now have seen the names and faces of those victims, of the fallen and injured, and, as always, our hearts go out to them and let’s keep them in our prayers, not just those who did lose their lives but also those who were injured in this, including our law enforcement officials.

As we’ve always told you about this matter, it is an evolving investigation. We also told you we’d keep you informed about this investigation. Just recently, there was a press conference in the local area with the Assistant Director in Charge of the Los Angeles Office providing more operational details. The Director’s going to give you a further briefing, as well.

As you saw from that and as we indicated yesterday, the FBI has taken the lead in this investigation. They continue to work with our local partners who are outstanding partners, also along with the ATF and U.S. Marshals, as well, as we continue to investigate this.

There’s been a lot of new information that’s come to light and the Director’s going to give you some more insight into that.

So thank you all for being here today.

Updated December 4, 2015