Meet the Chief

Photo of Erika Brown Lee

Erika Brown Lee is the Chief Privacy and Civil Liberties Officer of the United States Department of Justice. As the Chief Privacy and Civil Liberties Officer, Ms. Brown Lee is the principal advisor to the Attorney General on privacy and civil liberties matters affecting the Department's missions and operations. As part of the Office of the Deputy Attorney General, Ms. Brown Lee oversees the Department's privacy and civil liberties programs and initiatives implemented by Department components and component privacy and civil liberties officials. Ms. Brown Lee also heads the Office of Privacy and Civil Liberties, which reviews and evaluates Department programs and initiatives and provides Department-wide legal advice and guidance to ensure compliance with applicable privacy laws and policies, including the Privacy Act of 1974, the privacy provisions of the E-Government Act of 2002, and privacy policy directives of the Administration and the Department.

Updated November 2, 2015