The Office of Professional Responsibility provides the Attorney General with an annual report of its activities. These reports include statistical information on the Office’s activities, significant policy changes and developments, and summaries of cases completed during the fiscal year.

OPR Annual Reports

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OPR Policies

OPR Policies and Procedures

OPR's Analytical Framework (PDF)

Department Resources

Professional Responsibility Advisory Office (PRAO) PRAO provides advice to Department attorneys with respect to professional responsibility and choice-of-law issues.

Department Ethics Office (DEO) DEO is responsible for administering the Department-wide ethics program and for implementing Department-wide policies on ethics issues.

Office of Attorney Recruitment and Management (OARM)  The Director of OARM is responsible for ensuring that current or former employees of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), or applicants for employment with the FBI, are protected from retaliation for reporting allegations of wrongdoing.  OARM also is responsible for ordering appropriate corrective relief in cases in which it determines that unlawful retaliation for whistleblowing has occurred.

Regulations,  Authorities, and Reference Materials 

Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), 5 U.S.C. §552 (PDF)

Privacy Act, 5 U.S.C. §552a 

Department of Justice FOIA Regulations, 28 C.F.R. § 16.1-16.11  

Privacy Act Regulations, 28 C.F.R. §16.40-16.55

OPR System of Records, 76 Fed. Reg. 66752 (Oct. 27 2011

OPR Regulations, 28 C.F.R. Parts 0 and 45

Attorney General Order No. 1931-94

United States Attorney’s Manual – Reporting Misconduct Allegations by Department Attorneys

United States Attorney’s Manual – Reporting Allegations of Misconduct in the Course of Judicial Proceedings

United States Attorney’s Manual – Litigation Concerning Misconduct Allegations

United States Attorney’s Manual - Office of Professional Responsibility Procedures 

United States Attorney’s Manual - Reporting Allegations of Misconduct Concerning Non-Department of Justice Attorneys or Judges 

Ethical Standards for Attorneys for the Government, 28 U.S.C. § 530B    

Standards of Ethical Conduct for Employees of the Executive Branch 

ABA Model Rules of Professional Responsibility

FBI Whistleblower Protection Statute, 5 U.S.C. § 2303

Federal Bureau of Investigation Whistleblower Protection Enhancement Act of 2016

Department of Justice FBI Whistleblower Regulations, 28 C.F.R. Part 27

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