Corrections and Detention

Adult Correctional Facility Design Resources

American Indian Suicides in Jail

Assessing Suicide and Risk Behaviors in An Incarcerated American Indian Population

Bureau Of Prisons Tribal Law and Order Act Pilot Program

Census of Tribal Justice Agencies in Indian Country

The Changing Federal Role in Indian Country

Correctional Facilities on Tribal Lands Program

DOJ/DOI Long Term Plan to Build & Enhance Tribal Justice Systems

Improving Safety in Indian Country

Improving the Administration of Justice in Tribal Communities Through Information Sharing & Resource Sharing

In-Custody Programs for Juveniles and Adults

Jails in Indian Country

Juvenile Facility Design

The NEPA Land Use Process for Proposed Development of Correctional Facilities in Indian Country

Planning Correctional Facilities on Tribal Lands

Population Profiles, Population Projections and Bed Needs Projections

Preventing and Addressing Sexual Abuse in Tribal Detention Facilities

Prison Rape Elimination in Tribal Detention Facilities

Report of the Executive Committee for Indian Country Law Enforcement Improvements

Resources for Indian Country Jails

Site Selection

Strategies for Creating Offender Reentry Programs in Indian Country

Strengthening and Rebuilding Tribal Justice Systems:  Evaluation of the Comprehensive Indian Resources for Community and Law Enforcement (CIRCLE) Project

Strengthening and Rebuilding Tribal Justice Systems: Learning From History and Looking Towards the Future

Tribal Justice System Assessment

Tribal Healing to Wellness Courts: Treatment Guidelines for Adults and Juveniles

Tribal Probation: An Overview for Tribal Court Judges

Tribal Youth in the Federal Justice System

Summary: Tribal Youth in the Federal Justice System

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