Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners Assist Survivors at the Intersection of Health and Justice Systems

Kim Day
July 15, 2021

    Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners, or SANEs, are a critical component of a sexual assault response team, and are often the starting point for survivors on their journey towards recovery.

    However, a nurse’s role is not to solve a case, according to Kim Day, a SANE that is retiring from the field after dedicating her career to helping those who have fallen victim to a violent crime – rather, it is simply to provide care to the patient. In this episode, Kim shares how she received her training, her first interaction with a fully functioning SANE unit, and the most critical role a SANE can fill when working with a patient.

    While some victims of sexual assault will leave the hospital seeking criminal justice, many do not so receiving care that is specific to recovery from sexual violence can help them navigate their next steps. Kim points out that while less than ten percent of victims ever see the inside of a courtroom, one hundred percent of victims are at risk of long-term health consequences.

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    Updated July 15, 2021