Meet the Deputy Pardon Attorney


Larry Kupers joined the Office of the Pardon Attorney as Senior Counsel in 2014 after two decades as a public defender, first in the Federal Defender’s Office in the Northern District of California and then at the Public Defender Service in Washington, D.C. He also worked for the Defender Services Office of the Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts and completed details to the United States Sentencing Commission and the Department of Justice’s Access to Justice Initiative. Before his career in law, he earned an A.B. at the University of California, Santa Cruz, an M.A. in Sociology at California State University, Los Angeles, and a Ph.D. in Philosophy at Stony Brook University, where he taught undergraduate and graduate courses. He taught mathematics, social studies, and literature as a high school teacher in Los Angeles, CA. He was awarded the  Attorney General’s John Marshall Award for Outstanding Legal Achievement in Litigation in 2013.  

Updated July 18, 2018

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