The Office of the Pardon Attorney ("PARDON") is a digital office, so we prefer that all correspondence, petitions, and supporting documentation is submitted by email.  We will certainly accept and process records that are transmitted to us by postal mail or Fed Ex, but please be aware that it will take longer for us to get you a response because hardcopy mail must first be digitized and added to an electronic clemency casefile.  If your correspondence does not relate to our mission work, you may not receive a response from us due to limited resources.  While we are unable to respond to every item that is submitted to this office, each submission is given appropriate attention, and if it relates to a pending application for clemency, it is added to that clemency casefile.  If upon further review of your correspondence, we require additional information or a further discussion, we will be sure to contact the writer.  If your correspondence either doesn't require a response or we have recently responded to a similar inquiry from a writer, we will not reiterate the same information twice.

Our website at has a wealth of information about various topics, including but not limited to downloadable pardon and commutation petitions and instructions, rules governing petitions, standards for consideration, clemency statistics, a list of the more recent denials and grants by the President, and responses to various frequently asked questions (FAQs).

The Office of the Pardon Attorney is unable to predict when a decision will be reached by the President on pending clemency matters, but petitioners, or their attorney when represented, will be notified promptly when final action has been taken.  While we can give no assurance that final action will be taken by the current President on any particular pending matter, a clemency petition submitted under one presidential administration, but undecided by that administration, need not be resubmitted to this office or the White House, which will ultimately forward it to us.  No matter the presidential administration, an application will remain under consideration in "pending" status until final action is taken by the President in office at that time.  To view the status of a petition that has already been accepted for review by this office, please see our Clemency Lookup Feature.

In addition, we would also like to note that the clemency process is extremely lengthy due to the number of matters pending universally and the need to carefully examine and investigate all petitions.  There is no process by which an application processed through this office may be expedited.

We hope this information is helpful.


William Taylor II

Executive Office

Office of the Pardon Attorney

United States Department of Justice

Updated October 2, 2018

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