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Media Kit

National Strategy Report

The National Strategy for Child Exploitation Prevention and Interdiction - A Report to Congress, April 2016. From the Executive Summary:

This National Strategy for Child Exploitation Prevention and Interdiction describes in detail the current efforts of the Department of Justice and its law enforcement partners to find, prosecute, and punish those who prey on the nation’s children. It describes, as well, efforts by those agencies and others to engage in public outreach and awareness to prevent children from being victimized in the first place, whether through enticement of the unwary online or through their exploitation on the streets of the nation’s cities. It addresses the unique circumstances that lead to child exploitation in Indian County and the responses that are necessary to protect tribal victims. It further details the efforts by the Department and other agencies to provide services to children that account for the complex, intersecting, and long-lasting harms that exploitation causes. And it forecasts a future of greater technological and global threats. In order to face those threats, the National Strategy outlines a series of goals for law enforcement, prosecutors, and victim service providers, among others, for protecting the nation’s children. Most importantly, the National Strategy reaffirms our unwavering commitment to ensuring that all children in America are able to reach their potential and are protected from violence and abuse.

PSC Media Fact Sheet - 2012 (PDF)

Project Safe Childhood (PSC) is a Department of Justice initiative launched in 2006 that aims to combat the proliferation of technology-facilitated sexual exploitation crimes against children. The threat of sexual predators soliciting children for physical sexual contact is well-known and serious; the danger of perpetrators who produce, distribute and possess child pornography is equally dramatic and disturbing.

Updated April 19, 2016