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Family Resource Guide on International Parental Kidnapping, January 2007 6.99MB
Family Violence Statistics: Including Statistics on Strangers and Acquaintances, 6/05
Federal Equal Employment Opportunity Statistical Reports of Discrimination Complaints
FBI 100: Our New Centennial History Book, July 2008
The FBI Laboratory: An Investigation into Laboratory Practices and Alleged Misconduct in Explosives-Related and Other Cases, 1997

Documents in the Response/Reply Appendix

FBI Laboratory Annual Report, 2005
The FBI Laboratory One Year Later: A Follow-Up to the Inspector General's April 1997 Report on FBI Laboratory Practices and Alleged Misconduct in Explosives-Related and Other Cases, June 1998
FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin
Federal Bureau of Investigation's Management of Confidential Case Funds and Telecommunication Costs, Summary of Findings, January 2008
Federal Criminal Appeals, 1999, With Trends, 1985-99, April 2001
Federal Criminal Case Processing, 2002: With Trends 1982-2002, Reconciled Data, January 2005
Federal Criminal Justice Trends, 2003, August 2006
The Federal Death Penalty System: Supplementary Data, Analysis and Revised Protocols for Capital Case Review, June 2001
Federal Drug Offenders, 1999 with Trends 1984-99, August 2001
Federal Enforcement of Environmental Laws, 1997, November 1999
Federal Firearm Offenders, 1992-98: With Preliminary Data for 1999, June 2000
Federal Firearms-Related Offenses: Federal Offenses and Offenders, July 1995
Federal Habeas Corpus Review: Challenging State Court Criminal Convictions, September 1995
Federal Justice Statistics, 2005, September 2008
Federal Justice Statistics, 2005--Statistical Tables
Federal Law Enforcement Officers 2004, August 2006
Federal Offenders under Community Supervision, 1987-96, September 1998
Federal Pretrial Release and Detention, 1996, February 1999
Federal Prisons Journal
Federal Prosecution of Business Organizations, Revised Principles, December 2006
Federal Prosecution of Child Sex Exploitation Offenders, 2006, December 2007
Federal Prosecution of Election Offenses, May 2007
Federal Prosecution of Human Trafficking, 2001-2005, October 2006
Federal Protections Against National Origin Discrimination, English and Other Languages
Federal Tort Trials and Verdicts, 2002-2003, August 2005
Felony Defendants in Large Urban Counties, 2004, April 2008
Felony Defendants in Large Urban Counties, 2004 - Statistical Tables, April 2008
Felony Sentences in State Courts, 2004, July 2007
Felony Sentences in the United States, 1996, July 1999
Female Victims of Violent Crime, December 1996
Final Report of the Attorney General's Review Team on the Handling of the Los Alamos National Laboratory Investigation [Bellows Report], May 2000. FOIA Redacted Version
Final Report of the Special Master for the September 11th Victim Compensation Fund of 2001

Volume I 7.79 MB  | Volume II 15.85 MB

Financial Enforcement Task Force Annual Report, 2010
Financial Statement, Annual, Fiscal Year 2007, Audit Report
The Fingerprint Sourcebook
Fire and Arson Scene Evidence: A Guide for Public Safety Personnel, June 2000 | PDF
Firearm Injury and Death from Crime, 1993-97, October 2000
Firearm Injury from Crime: Firearms, Crime, and Criminal Justice, April 1996
Firearm Use by Offenders, November 2001
Firearms and Crimes of Violence, February 1994
Firearms Trace Data
First Joint Status Report on the U.S.-Japan Enhanced Initiative on Deregulation and Competition Policy
First Response to Victims of Crime, July 2010
First Response to Victims of Crime Who Have a Disability, January 2011
Five Steps to Make New Lodging Facilities Comply with the ADA, November 1999  | PDF
Fleet AFV Program Report
FOIA Annual Reports
FOIA Update
Follow-up Report - Alleged Deception of Congress: The Congressional Task Force on Immigration Reform's Fact-Finding Visit to the Miami District of INS in June 1995, 1997)
Follow-Up Review - Immigration and Naturalization Service Management of Automation Programs, July 1999
Forecast of Contracting Opportunities
Foreign Agents Registration Act Semiannual Reports
Foreign Claims Settlement Commission Annual Reports
Foreign Claims Settlement Commission Year Books
Freedom of Information Act Guide 2009 edition
Freedom of Information Act Reference Guide
From Pain To Power: Crime Victims Take Action, September 1998
Future Directions for the National Archive of Criminal Justice Data: Report of the Task Force, 1995, August 1995
Future of Forensic DNA Testing, November 2000
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