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Tax Division's Commitment To Fair Hiring Practices

The Tax Division is seeking civil, criminal and appellate attorneys.

Applicants for civil attorney positions should submit their application materials to: Candidates for appellate and criminal attorney positions should submit their application materials to: U.S. Department of Justice, Tax Division, Human Resources Office, P.O. Box 813, Washington D.C. 20044. ATTN: Attorney Recruitment Coordinator. Applicants should specify whether they are interested in civil, criminal or appellate tax law.

Applicants should include a resume, writing sample, law school and any advanced degree transcripts and a list of three professional references.

For more information on the positions in the Civil Sections, please click Litigators which provides information on Civil Attorney positions. For more information on the positions in the Criminal Sections, please click on Prosecutors which provides information on Criminal Attorney positions.

The Tax Division employs volunteer law student interns during the summer and throughout the school year.

In addition, the Tax Division employs paid summer law student interns.

Third-year law students and judicial law clerks may apply for permanent employment through the Attorney General's Honors Program.

The Tax Division also employs high school and college students.

  Washington, DC Dallas, TX

Trial Attorney - GS-12 to GS-15 - Criminal Appeals and Tax Enforcement Policy Section

Experienced Attorneys - GS-13 to GS-15 - Criminal Enforcement Sections

Experienced Attorneys - GS-12 to GS-15 - Civil Trial Sections

Experienced Attorneys - GS-13 to GS-15 - Appellate Section

No Vacancies


Paralegal Specialist - GS-0950-07 - 09-TAX-015d-DEU

Paralegal Specialist - GS-0950-07/11 - 09-TAX-014m-MPP

Paralegal Specialist - GS-0950-09/11 - 09-TAX-014d-DEU

Paralegal Specialist - GS-0950-07/11 - 09-TAX-012m-MPP

Paralegal Specialist - GS-0950-09/11 - 09-TAX-012d-DEU

Paralegal Specialist - GS-0950-07 - 09-TAX-011d-DEU

Paralegal Specialist - GS-0950-09/11 - 09-TAX-008M-MPP
Administrative Support:

Secretary (OA) - GS-0318-06/06 - 09-TAX-018m-MPP

Secretary (OA) - GS-0318-06/06 - 09-TAX-018d-DEU

Technical Information Assistant (OA) - GS-0303-03/04 - 09-TAX-017d-DEU

Secretary (OA) - GS-0318-08 - 09-TAX-16m-MPP

Secretary (OA) - GS-0318-08/08 - 09-TAX-16d-DEU

No Vacancies

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