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Training and Technical Assistance

American Probation and Parole Association

DOJ Training area of focus: Community Corrections and Correctional Alternatives

The American Probation and Parole Association (APPA) is an international association composed of members from the United States, Canada and other countries actively involved with probation, parole and community-based corrections, in both adult and juvenile sectors. The association represents a voice for the field of community corrections whose mission is to serve, challenge and empower its members and constituents by educating, communicating and training; advocating and influencing; acting as a resource and conduit for information, ideas and support; developing standards and models; and collaborating with other disciplines. APPA is committed to improving probation and parole practices at all levels by fostering the development of necessary knowledge, skills, resources and legislation for the most effective and realistic probation, parole and community-based correctional programming. To realize this commitment, APPA provides membership opportunities, training opportunities, and resources for professionals to stay abreast of the newest practices and innovations in community corrections. APPA develops a variety of resources each year, including publications, bulletins, audio-teleconferences, guidebooks, etc., related to community corrections that are available on its website www.appa-net.org.

Services Provided

The American Probation and Parole Association is an affiliate organization of the Council of State Governments (CSG). Among its many federally-funded projects, CSG/APPA has been awarded several projects funded by the Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA) and the Office of Violence Against Women (OVW) designed to develop publications and resources and deliver training and technical assistance to assist tribal justice agencies and personnel in enhancing community supervision (e.g., probation) strategies, developing effective correctional options as part of their reentry initiatives, and enhancing detention policy and practice. APPA's projects focused on tribal justice issues include:

Tribal Correctional Options Training and Technical Assistance Project (funded by BJA). The goal of this project is to improve the capacity of tribal jurisdictions in developing effective correctional options as part of their reentry initiatives. Free technical assistance is currently available for any tribe interested in receiving assistance to help identify, develop, and/or enhance the use of correctional options (such as probation programs, day reporting centers, elder panels, transitional housing, etc.) in their community.

Intermediate Training on Effective Case Management Practices for Tribal Probation Personnel (funded by BJA). The purpose of this project is to enhance the capacity for and further develop the workforce of tribal justice personnel working with alcohol/substance abusing offenders under community supervision. The primary service provided under this project will be intermediate training for tribal probation officers on three evidence-based practice topics; assessment practices, motivational interviewing, and the Family Support Approach for Community Supervision.

Development of Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA) Related Products for Indian Country (funded by BJA). The goal of this project is to develop policy relevant documents, a training curriculum, and other technical assistance resources to assist tribal detention agencies and staff in preventing and responding to corrections-based sexual abuse in accordance with the provisions of the Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA) of 2003. This project provides needed policy guidance on complying with the provisions of PREA to detention facility administrators, as well as training programs for line staff on practical strategies for addressing sexual abuse within detention settings.

Other Services Provided

APPA is pleased to announce the new Tribal Issues Committee which will provide a forum for tribal, county, state, and federal community corrections personnel to address issues facing Indian Country, work together to identify ways to address those issues, and share ideas with other community corrections professionals and decision makers.

This committee will meet at each APPA Training Institute as well as through web-based meetings or teleconferences throughout the year.

Target Audience/Eligibility
Tribal probation officers, tribal court judges, tribal correctional staff , and other tribal court personnel involved in the community supervision of defendants and probationers. Tribes do not have to receive CTAS or other DOJ funding to be eligible for these TTA resources.

Contact Information:
P (859) 244-8203 | F (859) 244-8001
Email appa@csg.org
Web www.appa-net.org


Updated September 9, 2014

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