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About INJ

In 2005, the American Indian Resource Center, Inc. (AIRC) created the Institute for Native Justice (INJ) in response to indicators that rural and tribal communities contend with issues of interpersonal and community violence on a daily basis. AIRC worked with nonprofits serving Native American youth in northeastern Oklahoma as part of the Compassion Capital Fund by providing capacity building training and technical assistance; the project was called the Youth Empowerment Solutions Project (Y.E.S. Project). One purpose of the Y.E.S. Project was to identify issues of Native American youth in rural communities; the resulting needs assessment determined that youth have considerable experience with interpersonal and community violence. INJ offers T/TA services, programs design and capacity building work to become a part of the solution by building and improving the response of Tribal judges, victim advocates, law enforcement, court personnel, and tribal and rural community based services. It is for these reasons that the Institute for Native Justice was created to confront and address the inequities of the justice system towards victims of crime with an emphasis on victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, stalking and dating violence.

Services Provided
The Institute for Native Justice is a partner with the BJA T/TA providers, undertaking the Tribal Response and Court Enhancement Strategies (TRACES) project. The project focuses on tribal court systems to develop capacity building, provide on-site training and technical assistance, training opportunities for court personnel, workshops, and collaborative team building.

Target Audience/Eligibilty
The Institute's target audience is tribal judges, prosecutors, victim advocates, court personnel, and all others working within the Tribal criminal justice system who are seeking to improve the journey to justice of victims of violent crime. Training and Technical assistance is not limited to tribes that have been awarded federal grants such as CTAS.

Training and Technical Assistance Events
The Institute offers on-site workshops for Tribal Courts, Victim Services, program management, law enforcement and technology. Please see our website for a complete listing of trainings and technical assistance offered. Upcoming training conferences for tribal grantees are planned for the fall of 2011 and 2012; location and dates to be announced.

Contact Information:
P (918) 456-5581 | F (918) 458-5415

Updated September 9, 2014

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