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3-18.000 - GAO Audits/Reporting Requirements/USAO Surveys

3-18.100 United States Attorneys' Offices Surveys
3-18.110 General Accounting Office——Authority for Audits
3-18.120 Procedures Regarding GAO Contacts

3-18.100 - United States Attorneys' Offices Surveys

All surveys, questionnaires, requests for information, or visits from one or more United States Attorneys' Offices (USAOs) by Department of Justice offices, boards, divisions, field offices, bureaus, or United States Attorneys; or by other persons or organizations outside the Department, including the private sector; other U.S. Government offices; Members of Congress or Committees; or the General Accounting Office (GAO) should be submitted to the Executive Office for United States Attorneys (EOUSA) for coordination to conserve the resources and time of USAOs personnel, to prevent unnecessary duplication of research and survey efforts, and to ensure that alternate sources of data are utilized when available. Congressional requests shall continue to be submitted by Congress to the Office of Legislative Affairs, who shall then submit the request directly to EOUSA. All surveys, questionnaires, and requests for information should be submitted to the Counsel to the Director, EOUSA, for coordination and assistance.

The request for a survey should consist of a list of proposed USAOs to participate, a proposed questionnaire or survey form, detailing the specific information sought and briefly summarizing the background and the litigative, legislative or other purpose for which the information is sought. Whenever possible, questionnaire forms shall be provided for replies by United States Attorneys. Requests for site visits should include: the sites to be visited, the desired dates for the visits, the overall scope and objectives of the audit, the persons or types of persons sought to be interviewed, and the documents or types of documents sought to be reviewed.

The requesting unit and the EOUSA shall cooperate to make any necessary modifications in proposed surveys prior to dissemination and shall request the participation of United States Attorneys. The EOUSA shall request United States Attorneys participation and coordinate the scheduling of visits. The requesting units shall fully inform the Director, EOUSA, of the results of surveys and provide copies of all written reports and other derivative products.

[updated March 2013] [cited in USAM 1-8.040]

3-18.110 - General Accounting Office—Authority for Audits

The General Accounting Office (GAO) is part of the legislative branch of the government. It has statutory authority to examine departmental activities and we are obliged to cooperate with that agency. However, certain information may be restricted under law (e.g. grand jury material) or because of the significant risks involved with disclosure. In addition the functions of the Department serve important public interests and should not be interrupted unduly. As a result, we must balance our obligation to honor GAO authority to conduct reviews with our duty to maintain necessary confidences and to conduct effectively our public business.

3-18.120 - Procedures Regarding GAO Contacts

Before responding to a GAO request, a USAO should immediately consult with the Counsel to the Director, EOUSA.

[cited in USAM 1-8.040; 3-1.200]

Note. Former USAM 3-18.200 et seq. has been updated and moved to USAM Chapter 1-13.000 ("Urgent Reports").
Updated December 18, 2015