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Weed and Seed

Weed and Seed is a Department of Justice community-based initiative to prevent, control and reduce violent crime, drug abuse, and gang activity in targeted high-crime neighborhoods throughout the country. Weed and Seed strategy follows a two-pronged approach: local law enforcement agencies and prosecutors cooperate in "weeding" out criminals who engage in violent crimes and drug abuse, and "seeding" brings to the area human services encompassing prevention, intervention, treatment, and neighborhood revitalization. A community-oriented policing component bridges weeding and seeding strategies by infusing police officers into the Weed and Seed site, which enhances their ability to gain cooperation and obtain information from area residents while they assist residents in obtaining information about community revitalization and resources.

The U.S. Attorney's Office plays a central role in organizing a steering committee and in bringing together the participants on both the "weeding" and "seeding" sides of the program. We promote the idea that, in this context, the U.S. Attorney's Office is a neutral third party that tries to bring participants to the table in a non-threatening forum to address crime reduction strategies.

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Updated January 29, 2015

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