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CDCA Participates in Federal Court’s Power Lunch Program

March 15, 2013
Power Lunch Program

U.S. Attorney André Birotte Jr., Mr. Said Dibinga of the New Designs Charter School, Los Angeles County Commissioner Nicole Bershon, and Federal Bankruptcy Judge Sandra Klein

“Cultivate mentors,” was the message delivered by United States Attorney André Birotte Jr. to students attending the Federal Court “Power Lunch Program” held on March 15, 2013 at the Roybal Federal Courthouse in downtown Los Angeles. U.S. Attorney Birotte added: “And if you want to find good mentors, then all you have to do is look around this room today.” The Federal Court Power Lunch Program is modeled after a program conducted by the Los Angeles County Superior Court and it aims to bring local students together with federal judges and lawyers to talk about future careers in the law. The March 15 Program featured 30 students from the New Designs Charter School at University Park in Los Angeles and it included Judges and Magistrates from the Federal District Court and the Federal Bankruptcy Court, as well as Judges and Commissioners from the Los Angeles Superior Court. AUSAs Nili Moghaddam, Cathy Ostiller and Bruce Riordan participated along with U.S. Attorney Birotte and other representatives from the Federal Public Defenders Office and the federal bar. The New Designs Students played a spirited game of “Legal Jeopardy,” hosted by United States Bankruptcy Judge Sandra Klein, showing off their impressive knowledge of, and interest in, the practice of law. Given the enthusiasm of the New Designs students, the future of the legal profession would appear to be in very good hands.

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